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Part 471: 1369: The Great Peace Summit

Garstal's idea seems popular! The kings have agreed to form a three-tribe town with us.

To pass the time while they get their stuff together, I invaded the black rock clan.

Should have cast the spell, and then challenged me, numbnuts.

Did we just steal their entire tula? Sweet!

The kings of the Colymar and Dundealos tribes agree to join with you in building a town. What do you do before building the town?

Conduct a divination.

Do nothing.

Sacrifice to Issaries, god of markets.

See too it that members of your tribe profit from the building efforts.

Although the other kings are trying to squeeze as much profit from the building enterprise as they can, they will blame us if we try to do the same.

Our magic is strong; an ordinary sacrifice will suffice.

Trade is about exchange, not about greed. Let us do something to make this new town last.

We must fortify the town against the undead.

I hope the town will not be a tempting target for the Horse-Spawn.

This land was once dotted with towns and cities, as a field is speckled with wildflowers. Then the dragons came and ate everyone.

There will never be any profit in this town; it is folly to build such a thing.

I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that we'll get to name this town--and Garstalingrad seems a popular choice!

Twelve letters maximum? Aww.

Also, don't forget I've started another avatar contest! Make up a fake random event, including picture, options, and ring advice to enter! I'll give you... I dunno. Until the 14th, a Sunday. Get crackin!