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Part 470: 1368: Adoption?

And thus starts the Kallyr story arc. Given that she has to grow up before she can become an incredible warrior--there's basically no way we'll get to see this through to completion before the game ends.

The annual Heroquest is spend or Orlaront, sending him to follow his patron Lhankor Mhy's path through the god realm, learning the secrets of custom and understanding.

He succeeded, but injured himself halfway through the quest when a strange foreigner challenged him to a contest of self-mutilation.

Hooray! We have someone to flatten next fire season!

The tribal war event happened again, this time between the Dundalos and the Colymar. Unfortunately, with Orlaront on the bench for self mutilation, I had to rely on a different member of the clan to make peace.

The two most peaceful members of the clan, Umathkar and Garstal, manage to convince the proud kings to set aside their blades and come together in the name of reconciliation.

A new year starts. Once again, Garstal manages not to die of old age. He is now eighty years old.

Our ring is looking pretty astounding these days. Unfortunately, the Animal and Plant heroquests are both female only, and my best animal and plant nobles are male, so I'm kind of spinning my wheels on what and who to improve next. Maybe I should just stack stats onto Umathkar.

Lacking a clear plan, I spend the sea season throwing parties and giving gifts.

Convincing the kings of the Colymar and Dundealos tribes to seek peace was the easy part. Now you must broker the fine detains of an agreement between them, and it is always in the details that hopes for peace are lost. King Rostandos of the Colymar tribe complains that the tradersof the Dundealos take unfair advantage of his traders, and thus wants to make trade rules for both tribes. Korol, King of the Dundealos, insists that Rostandos's accusations are baseless, and that he is motivated solely by greed and the need to control everyone, and maintain the respect of others.

Break off negotiations.

"If one of you breaks the peace, our tribe will join your foe and fight you."

"Our lawspeakers will meditate future trade disputes."

"We should all build a town together, so we will all prosper."

"We will pay to settle future disputes."

For there to be peace, there must be change.

We have good relations with both tribes... they will listen to us.

Don't go promising anything that will cost us cows.

I know you never listen to me, but this time I mean it: we should make a town.