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Part 469: 1368: Warrior Squabbling

It's not hard, guys. If you want it, /roll on it. You don't get preferential treatment. Shut up about the goddamn loot, there'll be more raids when they're scheduled.

The Tree Brothers were apparently impressed by the bickering we were doing over their possessions while standing in the middle of their burning tula, and asked to surrender. Unfortunately, they said our demands for, "A million billion cows," was insulting, and vowed to keep up the fight.

So I spent the earth season recruiting more weaponthanes.

Totally superfluous, as it turns out. They didn't have any fight left in them.

Here's the map... our lands are bordered in white, and split by the Anmangarn clan. It I wasn't already feuding with three clans, I'd bring the sudden boot of conquest down on their fragile, shell-like heads.

I couldn't think of anything interesting to do this winter, so I just hit the skip season button instead.


An old woman who introduces herself as Leika brings a baby to you. She has been raising the child alone in the woods, so you can assume she has been outlawed from her clan for some reason. "I raised this girl in a shield, so that she will grow up to be a mighty warrior. It is time she had a clan, so I bring her to you. Her name is Kallyr."

Adopt both the woman and the girl.

Ask the woman why she is an outlaw.

Recommend that she take the girl to another clan.

Take the girl in.

Turn them away.

An infant cradled by a shield in the wilderness will grow up to be a mighty warror, so the stories say.

Etrig gave an axe to Brolarulf, and both parties prospered.

"The best banquet is the one you remember afterwards."

A girl born of a woman's heedless lust is doomed to duplicate her mother's sins.