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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 468: 1368: Mad Chief Intagarn

The fight was ugly, but in the end we triumphed. And now we have the gratitude of the Blue Spruce!

If they weren't on the far side of the pass, they'd be hearing some stern words from me.

A dispute has arisen among weaponthanes after the raid on the Tree Brothers. The disputing factions are roughly divided between the older, veteran warriors and the daring young bravos. The bravos accuse the veterans of taking more than their fare share after past raids, and demand three out of four pieces of loot from this raid, to make things square.

Give the bravos three quarters of the loot.

Let them work it out themselves.

Order that the loot be shared equally.

Punish both sides; confiscate all of the loot.

Punish complainers by giving the veterans three quarters of the loot.

This is a trifling matter. If we involve ourselves, we will probably make it worse.

Honey is sweeter than blood.

Back in the Storm Age, King Vingkot placed a shattered clan under our protection. That clan was called the Nalda Bin.

Eurmal had a scab, and he picked at it until it fell off and transformed into a terrible enemy.