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Part 467: 1368: Swag

Garstal had finished his cunning plan--he filled the ears of the pigs with dung, leaving them mostly deaf and entirely irritable. The fool would never win the contest now, and Umathkar's daughter (a winsome lass a quarter the trickster's age) would be his!

"The challenge is ready!" Garstal called triumphantly as he reentered the ring chamber. "Orlkarnath, I have placed them in an enclosure directly before the hall. You have but one minute to complete this task, or you'll never win her hand!"

"Very well," Orlkanthor replied. "No Apple will be found wanting in combat!" Brandishing his sword, he strode confidently from the room.

"Wait," said Garstal, suddenly confused. "I thought the trial was pig calling?"

Orlaront shook his head. "No, honored elder," he said solomly. "We decided that was stupid. Remember?"

The ring sat in silence, listening to the screams of the pigs outside.

C'est la vie.

Anyway, it's the fire season, and we all know what that means.

Repeated slaughter!

The first attack went smoothly, and we burned an almost shocking number of steads. I think each stead is one building on the clan screen? Which would mean our clan has about twenty. Seven is a significant number!

Like so many game mechanics, I'm a little vague on just what this does, but I know that a lot of the Tree Brothers will be sleeping under the stars tonight.

At least the weather's nice.

Once more, with feeling.

Terrorsaurus sure gets a lot of combat events, doesn't he. I miss Hofstaring.

A tidy little take!

Prominent members of the Blue Spruce clan come to your clan for help. "This is not a good thing we have to say, but our chieftain, Intagarn, has gone mand. He makes foolish decisions, and will not listen to the counsel of the clan ring. We do not want to risk kinstrife, but something must be done. If you agree to raid us, we will make sure that Intagarn falls beneath your blades. Then we will owe you a great debt."

Demand a specific reward to do as they ask.

Do as they ask.

Politely decline.

Scold them for betraying Orlanthi values.

Send a delegation to warn Intagarn of their intentions.

If you decide to warn old Mad-Blood, send at least five warriors along with the delegation.

If we succeed in killing their chief, relations with them will improve. If we try and fail, they will get much, much worse.

Orlanthi are expected to obey chosen leaders. But because Intagarn has gone insane, it could be argued that he is no longer the leader they chose.

Orlanth's older brother was thrown into the Sex Pit by hostile giants. There he was driven mad, and afterwards he was nothing but trouble.

Better a specific reward than a vague promise. Maybe they will offer us as many as twenty-five cows!

They labor under some kind of curse. This could happen again.

Normally I find politics dull, but this is exciting!