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Part 466: 1368: Setting the Bar

Esme posted:

The Apples the cool Amazon tribe that gave us a good deal in the tribe making event, right? If so, we want this marriage to go through, and the guy's strength is obviously skill at arms. Pick that.

The Apples joined our tribe when we accepted that one quarter of our rulers would be members of a tiny, tiny minority of the tribe's population, Vingans. This makes them better than the Bayberry, who demanded we only buy food from them and then didn't have any food for sale, but worse than the Wolves, who just wanted us to promise not to spend all of their cows.

David Dunham posted:

Yes, I've really been enjoying the LP. You've put a lot of work into it, so I was wondering if you'd like a piece of original art from the game. (My choice I'm afraid -- the artist and I still want to sell more of it so we're saving the more commercial ones.) Send me your address and I'll send you one.

Ahahahahahaha! I win, suckers! Compare your miserable lives to mine and then kill yourselves!

As long as I'm getting free stuff from people I've never met, can someone take this image...

...and make one of those avatar images that zips from face to face?