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Part 45: 1333: Garstal and the Turtle Clan

Sadly, this set a bit of a theme for the next several months. At least the named noble who just got burned to a gruesome crisp wasn't anyone we knew or cared about.

At least the loot was good. I decided to see if we could follow this win with another by doing a simple cattle raid on the Jenestni.

That went poorly. I had to pay 5 goods to ransom back our soldier. At least the soldiers got to go play in the sun.

This is one of the best possible items for us--we have a trickster on the ring, so just having these balls means free magic, forever. Fifty cows? Pshaw! I'll dig deep when buying them!

I was so enraged when their chief said our offer was "so small I think you just came to trick us into showing you our treasure" that I forgot to take a screen shot, which smoothly rolls into the first choice of the post.

How much should we offer for juggling balls that give us more magic?

Some treasures cost hundreds of cows worth of cows and goods. On the flipside, we've certainly got the goods to spend--spending them is what we make them for. Unlike food, grain, cows, or horses, they do no good in our bank.

Then we were raided again. We're not feuding with the Blue Jays, but you don't have to be mortal enemies with someone to show up at their doorstep with a hundred warriors, kill several of them, and take their stuff. The Orlanthi don't sweat the small details, they're the Storm People.

I try not to bother you guys with the trivial questions, and this is definately one of them. There's no one in their entire clan who's a match for Ortossi the Windslayer.

Another win, but we lost another weaponthane and several soldiers. We'll have to do some more recruiting soon to buff up our numbers.

For now, I'll just recruit more weaponthanes to make up for all the losses we've endured recently. From five to fourteen, and we're back up to military strength.

The men of the turtle clan arrive at the boundaries of your tula, pulling a card loaded down with grain. They seem unhappy. When asked what is happening, they explain that they are paying off a bet. "Your clan-mate, Garstal, was gambling with our Chieftain. All night long he lost. He lost at every game he played, and went further and further into debt. Then on the last game of dice, he won everything back and more. We suspect he used trickster magic, but we will pay our debt, because we are an honorable clan."

Allow them to keep the grain.

Give them a reciprocal gift.

Give them hospitality.

Graciously accept Garstal's winnings.

Tell them Garstal is a trickster.

They are our friends, and we must take care not to offend them.

Refusing to take their grain would offend them. Giving them a reciprocal gift would not.

In gambling as well as trade, a bargain's a bargain.

Let me tell them I am a trickster, so they will know how I hoodwinked them!