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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 274: 1352: Drought!


Umathkar never gets to go anywhere anymore.

Many weeks have passed without rain. Your once-green pastures are now brown. Your crops are dying. Starvation looms if the drought doesn't end soon.

Go raiding for extra food.

Make sacrifices to Heler.

Perform the Orlanth and Aroka ritual.

Petition other clans for food aid.

Propitiate Daga, enemy god of Drought and Famine.

Wait out the drought.

The drought will have the bellies of the Anmangarn weaponthanes grumbling. If we strike before our own men are weakened, we will triumph.

There is no law against raiding other clans when times are dire, but we'll also brin ghome the long-lasting curses of our victims if we do.

Our magic is strong. We should try sending a devotee of Orlanth on the heroquest of Orlanth Dragonslayer. That is the best way to stop this drought.

If the drought lasts several seasons, we could lose a lot of our herd.

We must petition Heler, God of Rain, to end our misery.

Our allies the Fire Quartz are far away, and may not be hurt by this drought. They will help us.

I guess we'll have a cursing contest when everything is damp and soggy next Storm season.