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Part 51: 1334: Cooking Contest

The magic is in...

...and some events go off. Step one: Renew the ring. Angorri, no one even noticed you. I don't think any of the readers mentioned you once--you're out. Also, we're replacing Randalyar with a worshiper of another god. By losing a worshiper of Chanlana Arroy we won't be able to put as much magic into health, but the new god-botherer worships Uralda, so we'll be able to put more magic into herds.

I don't feel like making a backstory for her, no one will notice.

The new more gender inclusive ring is ready for action!

The apples have challenged all of the neighboring clans to a cooking contest. They claim that they make the best food in all of Dragon Pass, and they intend to prove it.

Offer to judge the food cooked by others.

Treat the event as a festival for your peoples' enjoyment.

Try to win the contest.

Use magic to help win the contest.

The use of our clan magic for a cooking contest is frivolous and wasteful.

Our clan magic is strong--we can count upon the blessing of Ernalda to win this event.

The carls should be urged to celebrate.

I volunteer for an eating contest!