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Part 200: Rainbows Redux!

Let's hope it works out.... soon we'll have unstoppable battle mounts, or we'll have huge holes in a number of our steads.

The first half of Earth, I sent Mr. Cruise to explore the tula. The native people of the tula savagely attack him, sending him back home. I guess no one likes his smug face.

Carls of your clan are excited to see a rainbow touch down in one of your fields. As Orlanthi, you are Storm People, and there are few omens as positive as a rainbow, the beautiful gift left by the Gods in the wake of a storm. It meant we were due for a time of good luck.

Do nothing.

Embark on a raid.

Pursue trade opportunities.

Make friends with another clan.

Thank the gods with a sacrifice.

Now that we are lucky, it is time to strike! The Jenestni clan is weak, and we can easily beat them.

Others who hear about this rainbow will want to be our friends.

The clever trader knows when to seize on good luck, and how to turn it into silver and cows.

The gods might take great offense if we raid when we are supposed to be harvesting.

We must do something manly with this gift.

It is the earth season, raiding now would interrupt the harvest.