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Part 201: Choosing a New Queen

I chose to take advantage of this event by befriending the Badgers, a clan we really should be on better terms with.

Absolutely free, which is nice.

Aww, darn! I hate it when this happens! Don't you hate it when this happens?

The timing was piss-poor, too... one more month, and we'd have completed another Heroquest.

Well, we have some options here.

The old queen is dead, so the tribal moot has convened an emergency session to select a new ruler. Once chosen, the candidate will have to successfully complete the magical rites of kinship in order to take the throne. Support among the other clans seems to be building between two candidates: Garrath of the Badgers, and Kagradus, of the Wolves. Garrath has a reputation for ferocity. Kagradus is famed for his accomplishments as a priest.

Nominate a member of your clan.

Say nothing until a candidate is chosen.

Support Garrath early.

Support Kagradus early.

Support the candidate who is most generous to you.

Wait, then support whoever seems poised to win.