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Part 131: 1340: Rangdani Tribal Negotiations

Clearly the founding of Tribe Garstali has caused great changes in Garstal's personage. He seems to be more thoughtful now, more mature, and growing into responsibility.

Korstardos scored us a huge pile of food, so I celebrated with a feast! A few of the ring members grumbled that our efforts would be better spent petitioning Chalana Arroy to cure the sick, but right now favorable relations with our neighbors is job one.

The Rangdani, famed for their skilled cooks, demand the following if they are to join your new tribe. They want the tribe to support exploration in search of legendary lost foods of Dragon Pass. They want each clan to spend time growing their rare and delicate herbs and spices. Further, the Rangdani wants to send fewer warriors to tribal wars than the other clans do.

Abandon negotiations.

Allow them to contribute less to tribal warfare than other clans.

Require the Rangdani to do the cooking for tribal feasts.

Require each clan to spend time growing their herbs and spices.

Support exploration.

Give gifts.

In a tribe, any ally is a good ally.

If they contribute less to tribal warfare, they must contribute more in some other area.

Exploration might also find herbs useful for magic, or useful treasures and secrets. The other clans will not see it as too costly a requirement.

Although it seems like a demand, if we phrase it correctly, they will see the requirement to cook at our feasts as a privilage.

Make them send fifteen cows to each feast for every ten the rest of us send.

One plot of land out of twenty is not too much to turn over to growing herbs.

This pastery is delicious! We must have this clan among us!