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Part 249: 1349: Lead Breaker's Spike

Twelve goods in the pocket. This was indeed too small an issue for the tribal moot.

Have we had a single tribal moot issue?

Anyway, next I sent Korstardos to the Wolf clan to establish a trading route.

It didn't work so great, so I sent him again immediately afterwards.

A delegation from a clan far to hte south, in the Holy Country, comes to seek your friendship. Their clan is called the Lead Breaker clan. "We have a magical treasure that we wish to give to you for safe-keeping. It is called the Iron Spike. In exchange for this service, we will give you a tapestry and a silver necklace. When we come to reclaim the Spike, we will give you even more silver and an even more valuable tapestry."

Agree to keep the spike for them.

Ask if they serve the Pharaoh.

Give them hospitality.

Give them reciprocal gifts.

Send them on their way.

We have little to fear from them. It will be hard for them to mount an effective raid all the way from the Holy Country.

They were content to remain in the land we fent obligated to flee. We can assume they are well-disposed towards our enemy, the Pharaoh.

They're offering us a magic weapon to use against our ancient enemies, the trolls! We must accept.

We should take their treasure, and then sell it.