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Part 405: Uralda's Blessing: Part II

Vaga42Bond posted:

Making a footnote that we should improve our relations with the Squat Oaks for bringing back out wannabe warrior girls and being nice about it. I mean, they didn't even LIKE us beforehand. (Were we at feud level, or just really pissed?)

Then we raid the shit out of the stupid Blackrocks.

The Squat Oaks are not particuarly upset at us.. We've just raided a few cows from each other a few times, no big deal.

Xander77 posted:

Why are we doing this again? I don't recall voting to get our warrior queen killed on a totally unnecessary quest.

Would you say you're voting for our clan to give up and admit that we'll never complete this heroquest? If you're worried, protect the queen by demonstrating your excellent reading comprehension.

An even one hundred cows prepares our queen for the Godlarp.

Then the biting things come. There are the small biting things, who run circles around Umathkar's children. There are the large biting things, who jump out of gullies and from on top of rocks, who knock down the cows and tear out their throats. And there are all kinds of biting things in between. Umathkar does not have the kind of magic that can stop this. So Umathkar embarks on a journey to the tula of the two-legs. On the journey, Umathkar is attacked by small biting things.

Suffer the attack.

Run away.

Drive off the biting things.

The legends may be of some small help.