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Part 84: 1336: Ducks and Zombies

The magic is allocated for a year of friendship. Maybe we can cement an alliance with the Rangdani or the Cabbage Ducks this year--and maybe we can feed ourselves by raiding the crap out of the Jenestni. Or maybe we'll starve to death. I'm personally looking forward to being in the black on food again.

We had already noticed, but thanks for the update.

Scouts from your clan bring a witness who bears a terrible warning. Redtail, a duck from the upland marsh area, says that the undead in the marsh are on the move. They are controlled by a centuries old magician called Delecti. The ducks have always struggled to suppress the undead, but now they must also fight off raids launched by Orlanthi settlers. Taking advantage of their distraction, Delecti's weird priestesses have begun to enlarge the marsh. If it continues to grow, all of Dragon Pass might be overrun by ghouls, zombies, and vampires.

Hire mercenaries to help the ducks.

Sacrifice to Humakt, foe of the undead.

Send warriors to help the ducks.

Tell the other clans to stop raiding the ducks.

Thank the duck for his report.

We can spare some warriors now, to avoid a worse fight later.

It might be hard to convince our neighbors to stop attacking the ducks. They won't necessarily believe the story about Delecti.

Mercenaries will demand ten cows each to fight the undead.

I think the women's magic has gone sour, and that's what causes the dead to walk.