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Part 318: 1354: Sacred Time

Curse those wretched Blue Jays and their, "Basic trading precautions," I'll remember this insult!

I'm a bit curious if everyone in Tarsh is a backstabbing mage promising armageddon or a backstabbing king promising cows. I'll give their country a third try before we declare them immoral.

Then I noticed we were down to forty-one crafters, and they weren't using all of our unique resources. A little reorganization was in order.

I have to admit, I panicked a little when I saw all those excess warriors--but their weaponthanes count as five men each, while ours count as ten, thanks to the Truesword ritual... which means our fourteen weaponthane advantage counted as 210 extra soldiers.

But I've never been one for an even remotely fair fight, so I whipped out the Raven Banner.

It worked pretty well.

Another year, another heroquest in the making--but we've been a little generous with the magic lately.

Also, now we can spend two magic on heroism? Maybe because of our connection to the great hero Derik Singlepath, or Furman, or whatever fake name he's made up this week. He shames his dead parents, he really does. Still, this is a wonderful boost to our nobles.

As for heroquests, we can do Chalana Arroy, Humakt, Elmal, or even see if we can quickly research Uralda's Blessing.

Crush The Squat Oaks.

Explore Tarsh some more.

Explore Somewhere Else, Like Prax or Something.

Learn More Miracles.

Expand Our Temples.

Buy Quasi-Useless Trasures, Because the Good Ones Appear to Have Stopped Showing Up.

Establish Trade Routes