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Part 317: 1354: Eurmal-Plagued Wolves

Whups! Looks like we owe the Wolves an apology. Fortunately, an opportunity immediately presented itself to make things right.

Kangharl, a trader of the Wolf clan, comes to you requesting the aid of your Eurmal worshippers. "You have a trickster on your ring, and thus can help me. I wish you to place a spell of confusion upon a trading partner, Ferena of the Blue Jay clan, so that she will become confused and offer me an absurd number of horses for my grain when next I negotiate with her. I will give you ten cows for this service."

Accept his offer.

Ask for higher compensation.

Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.

Refuse him, then warn Ferena.

Refuse him.

Kangharl is from our tribe; Ferena is not. The choice is simple.

By putting an Eurmali on the ring, we created the expectation that we would spread trickery and confusion throughout Dragon Pass. But we can trick people by confounding expectations.

Ten cows is not a number to get excited over.

Ferena is well-respected as an honest trader. Kangharl is a complaining son of a pig who is so annoying you give in to him just to get rid of him. His people will not care if we refuse him.

Eurmal is the god of trickery and confusion. He often betrayed Orlanth and his companions, but sometimes that worked to the benefit, when all was said and done.

Our magic is strong now, and we are likely to succeed.

Of course we should aid this admirable fellow.