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by Mystic Mongol

Part 225: 1347: The Black Horse Troop

We paid bunches and they foist some second-hand wench off on us? For shame!

Anyway, I send Orotssi to explore the tula again.

Your explorers return to report an encounter with very strange foreigners. The foreigners wore odd clothes and spoke in a peculiar way. They were warriors, and showed no fear when they met our explorers. They identified themselves as the Black Horse Troop, and said they served a hero named Sir Ethilrist. The strangest thing about them, though was their horses. Examined up close, these weren't horses at all, but grotesque and monsterous beasts --- possibly things of chaos!

Invite them to your tula.

Leave well enough alone.

Make war on them.

See if they want to trade treasures.

Warn other clans about them.

Although we could stand to improve our relations with our neighbors, they may be skeptical of our warnings.

If they are powerful foreigners, they may have treasures the like of which we have never seen!

Foreigners will know new jokes; I am tired of the old ones. Especially the one about Eurmal and the sheep.