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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 226: 1347: Barkman

We tried to trade treasures with them, but they just laughed at us. The nerve!

While exploring to the west, members of your clan encounter a drooling, wild-eyed hermit, dressed in a suit of bark. He froths at the mouth, dances a little jig, and then says, "Ah! You are from the Kuchulainn clan. The spirits have whispered things about you. You are headed for doom -- doom, I say! A blue boar will cause disquiet among your hogs! This will be but the first of many catastrophes to befall you! The only way to stop this is to sacrifice a thrall to Kolat, the spirit-herding god. If you do not have a thrall, you must sacrifice a treasure. If you do not have a treasure, you must sacrifice ten cows. If you do not have ten cows, you must sacrifice five horses."

Ignore him.

Sacrifice five horses to Kolat.

Sacrifice ten cows to Kolat.

Sacrifice a treasure to Kolat.

We can afford to sacrifice five horses.

Kolat is Orlanth's brother, the God of Winds and the Master of Spirits. He is not a god we normally worship.

This man is just a frothing madman. We can safely ignore him.

We have many treasures. We can sacrifice one to Kolat for good fortune.

We must do anything possible to avert this doom!