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Part 67: Issaries the Concilator: Part VII

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Korstardos leads his companions to the tula of the Digging Stick People, who are suffering terribly. The Digging Stick Peole explain that their tulas are the battleground for a war between the Long-Noses and the Big-Teeth. Whenever they fight, Digging Stick pastures are trampled. The Digging Sticks' cows are stolen and eaten by hungry soldiers. Their carls are captured and ransomed, so that the armies can buy weapons. Their weaponthanes are pressed into service, risking their lives for no reward. Neither Lhankor Mhy or Storm Bull are intersted in helping Korstardos make peace between the warring peoples.

Ask the Digging Stick People to give you a treasure.

Give a treasure to the Digging Stick People.

Go to the Long-Noses, no matter who follows.

Go to the Long-Noses, so long as both gods follow.

Go to the Long-Noses, so long as Lhankor Mhy follows.

Go to the Long-Noses, so long as Storm Bull follows.

The Legends may be of some small help.