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Part 301: Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth: Finale

Orlaront returns to the land of people, his quest a successful one. He was still wounded from the pain contest, but hardly noticed it in the excitement.

Orlaront knew more things, was wiser, and grew two inches taller.

Trollkin come to the tula to deliver a message from the trolls. "Ooh, ah. Mistress Cragspider says, 'You have ann-ann-ann-botherment and she mad at you, so she kill you all. Personally maybe even. That's not exactly what she said. But main thing is, she kill you if you not stop bothering trolls." Timidly, another one adds: "Also please personal message from us do not kill messengers please."

Promise not to offend Cragspider any further.

Release trollkin from their cains.

Send tribute to Cragspider.

Take them prisoner.

"We make no promises to mere trollkin."

If we seem meek in the face of enemy threats, the people will be unhappy.

Release them, and earn the gratitude of the trolls.

We can afford to compensate them.

Give them something edible, and don't trust it to the trollkin. They'll just run off with it.

To a troll, the only thing more expensable than a trollkin is three trollkin.

The signs say we should take gifts to Cragspider ourselves.

Release the trollkin, in the name of freedom! Or take them prisoner and sacrifice them to Eurmal, whichever.