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Part 302: 1353: Saraska Returns

Aww, cute little guys. Now I feel bad about murdering the ones we found in the grain bins.

Anyway, Orlaront is now a capable and skilled lawyer--and a pretty great poet, which is something our clan has lacked thus far.

I did manage to remember who we hated, so it's off to pick on the Blue Jays some more!

It went about as well as could be expected--we're back to being filthy rich, without much to spend all these cows and goods on. I'll probably spend the rest of the year sacrificing to the gods and sending Korstardos off on shopping trips.

The Blue Jays have seen the light, and agreed to pay us twelve cows a year in lunch money.

Minaryth, king of the Dundealos, comes to your tribel moot. Accompanying him is Saraska Bright-Eyes, the woman who says that prophecies make her the future queen of a great Orlanthi nation in Dragon Pass.

Give gifts to other clans; warn them against Minaryth and Saraska.

Let it be known that you are willing to receive gifts from Minaryth.

Take him aside and warn him against Saraska Bright-Eyes.

Take Saraska aside and warn her against Minaryth.

Forbid him to address the moot.

Wait and see what happens.

Regardless of how we feel about Minaryth, I want to hear them out, and see what I can learn.

Minaryth has no right to address the moot.

If we make the wrong decision, we could gain the enmity of the Dundealos, and lose the respect of our own tribesmates.

Minaryth sees Saraska as a means to power. He is flattering her, and Saraska is drunk of her dreams of a kingdom.

We have many cows.

The signs are bad. Saraska is not the one. The time for a kingdom will come after we are dead.

The signs are good; Saraska's claims are true.