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Part 167: 1341: Ernalda's Oven

It may have cost us 101 cows, but a wedding does more to seal a friendship than simple cows do. It provides a nagging wife who constantly complains if they aren't being polite enough to the in-laws!

Now, before the fire season ends, it is time to raid the oath-breaking Jenestni.

We should consider allying with the turtles so we don't have to keep paying them admission fees to pass through their land.

With a brief Hollywood break in the middle, we sort of carry the day. Unfortunately, we don't actually get any loot.

They immediately retaliate... round two!

At least this time we got a horse. Oh, and crippled a seventy-two year old man. What was he doing with a sword, anyway?

Sora Goodseller, a trader-priestess of the Talking God, Issaries, comes to offer you what she says is a great treasure. The treasure is Ernalda's Oven. Bread cooked in the oven requires one-twentieth less grain than ordinary bread. Sora expects you to name a price.

Dicker with her, going no higher than 40 cows worth of goods.

Offer to trade her your treasure for the oven.

Plitely decline her offer; give her hospitality.

Refuse to dicker; offer 40 cows.

Actually, according to the legend, this oven made not by Ernalda, but by her great priestess Ornore Crust-Maker.

Although it would be splendid to own such an item, you can never really trust an Issaries trader.

I bargained with Sora several years ago, at the great market. I know her tricks.

If we needed one-twentieth less grain for each loaf of bread, we'd recover an investment of 60 cows over a three year period.