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by Mystic Mongol

Part 153: 1341: Insulted by the Wolf Clan

Bad news, everyone--I'm stupid. I accidentally clicked on, "Give them gifts," instead of asking for gifts in return.

So, I gave them some token amount of cows.

And they spat in our faces! The curs! I'll have my revenge as soon as the fire season gets here!

But first, let's send an expedition westward, to see if we can find out what the deal with the, "Marsh Ducks," is.

Oh, right, we can't raid the Jenestni, they're paying us tribute to leave them alone.

Instead I have thrown a tremendous feast, to foster good relations among the clan and with our neighbors!

Our annual raid was against the Zenthorings, and while we kicked them around a little, we achieved nothing of note.

Turns out it takes more than throwing a block party to make the Badgers like us again. I guess they're really sore that we responded to all the cows they gave us by having Garstal talk about what a great choice their leader was for king.

The gods insisted that we learn a miracle of Uralda, so I did that now to get it out of the way.

Our boy is back, practically wetting his pants. But enough of him! The chubbiest weaponthane of our clan seeks an audience.

Elusu, one of your weaponthanes, complains that he was insulted when invited to dine among the Wolves. He was fed disgusting, rotten food, while his hosts dined well. He asked for a towel to wipe his hands, and was given one which was dirty and full of holes. "They mean to slight us," Elusu says, "and I say that we should punish them for their gross insolence!" Some of the other weaponthanes murmur their support for Elusu's words.

Compose a poem satirizing the Wolves.

Convince Elusu to forget this slight.

Do nothing.

Raid the Wolves.

Send a delegation to protest the Wolves' poor hospitality.

Raid them!

The Wolves have insulted us without actually breaking the rules of hospitality.

Don't interrupt the harvest -- a poem is as good as a raid for now.

A poem, a poem! A scurrilous poem!

In addition to this choice, remember--we're about to send a young noble on a heroquest to become our future leader. We have two chocies here... Umathkar or Korlaman is the obvious one, but we also get to choose which heroquest to start them out on: Orlanth Kills a Dragon, Orlanth Promises a Bunch of Dudes Stuff, Issaries Talks to the Animals, and Humakt Kills Everybody.