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by Mystic Mongol

Part 506: Queen of Dragon Pass

Make us understand war, will they? Hah! I'll show them the true face of Humakt! Men, organize a war party! We're going to--

--oh, right.

Yerestia is now ready for the marriage that will make her Queen of Dragon Pass. The Inhuman King, Lord High Dragonewt, has come to officiate at the wedding, and gives his blessings to yerestia. "You have taken pieces of old things, and made them into new and powerful things. You made things better by turning them into their opposites. You stopped a war by turning it into stones and mortar. You made peace by conjuring a wolf. You found ancient secrets of the earth, and now use them to make another new things, joining together the people of cows and storm with the people of horses and sun." The Inhuman King could say more, but does not. Although not even Yerestia knows it yet, the Inhuman King knows what is to come. This is the first day of a great new kingdom, a kingdom that will one day take Yerestia's name. If, in the years ahead, yerestia is true to her wisdom and magical insight, she will one day become like a god, and sit at Ernalda's side. The kingdom she leaves behind will grow and strengthen, and the exploits of its future queens and princes will become legend. They will one day enter a desperate struggle with a great empire, and its last queen will forever change the face of the world. All of this will be possible because of the courage and forethought of the Kuchulainn clan, of the Garstali tribe, who came to Dragon Pass when it was wild, and remade it in their own image.

The game is over, finally. With only a minimum of prodding at the beginning, it was you, the viewers, who shaped our destiny and made the Kuchulainni the strongest clan in all of Dragon Pass!

Except for anyone who ever voted for something other than the popular vote. You are all fools who would have doomed us all had you been allowed to have your way.

The game's over, but the thread isn't quite. Stick around for whatever bonus content I manage to scrounge up. If nothing else, I got a painting in the mail this morning I'm dying to show off...