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Part 505: 1373: Death of Garstal

This is the storm season, so we've got six months to kill before the marriage.

That's odd, we can't spend any magic on crops.

Oooooh. For the record, we already knew all of Ernalda's mysteries. And she complains we didn't do the impossible! Goddesses, am I right?

About time. He would have been 84 if he lived, so I guess he died at 83. As many people who have played the game have noted, this is a pretty comical age, certainly outstripping many people's record holding

After the game is done, I'll do some experimental savescumming () to find the upper limit to a character's age.

Regardless! It's the last year of the game, so there's only one thing to do... victory lap! Let's end with a bang by raiding the shit out of everyone! Who cares about the harvest, let's sow the fields with the teeth of our foes!

Aww, darn. That's the first half of the Sea season wasted.

The second half goes better, although the Apples apparently don't want to join in on the beatings. For our primary target, I have selected that clan of quitters and pessimists, the Anmangarni. We've let them hold our land for long enough, it's time for them to move out and find someplace new to stay.

It only takes one attack to make them get the message, pack up, and leave. This land is eternally ours!

After they give every inch of land they own to us, they beg us to show mercy on them.

All of their land, and most of their cows. That was a fine raid.

Next up, in the fire season, the Blue Jays!

It's nice to see someone besides Terasarin getting a battlefield event. Farnan has wound up a pretty rugged guy.

The attack was a complete success. They live too far away for us to seize their lands, so I settled for ruining them.

Oh, boo hoo. Cry me a river. They were just going to stop playing the tribute next season anyway.

Meanwhile, the Anmangarn have decided they don't like us anymore. Do... do our actions have consequences?


I'm just dumping magic into these raids, because there's nothing to save it for.

The results speak for themselves.

I had forgotten that we weren't receiving peace settlement cows from the Black Rocks, actually, so this took me by surprise.

Despite Farnan's heroic efforts, we suffered some moderate casualties and lost a few horses.

And my counter-raid failed just because it's the planting season, earth!

At least the Blue Jays recognize that the only way to recover from us breaking the peace treaty... to agree to pay us even more for the privilege of not attacking them.

A delegation from the Black Rock clan comes to your tula to propose a peace settlement. "Life here is quite workable. There are enough Orlanthi to trade with, and plenty of good land for everyone to farm. Why not come to a responsible agreement and end our futile fight? Shall we gladden the hearts of our enemies by fighting each other, instead of shedding their blood?"

"We accept your offer of peace! Let us feast!"

"We are always ready to talk."

"We do not trust you. Begone."

"We will talk, but you must prove that we can trust you."

"We're not having problems with other enemies."

Feasting means drinking. Drinking often means fighting. Leave the celebration for a successful peace negotiation.

They very subtly tested the strength of our magic as they approached us. Why would they do that, if their motives were good?

Since they are approaching us, we can rightly demand proof of their intentions. We can demand one of their noble youngsters as a hostage, or a peacebond of cows left with another clan.

We have the stronger force; it is no wonder that they now sue for peace.

If they offer us gifts, we should impress them by giving even more in return.

King Heort made peace as often as he made war.