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Part 504: The Marriage Saga: Meeting the King

Not taking any warriors along was the most popular choice, and outstripped all the others combined. Unfortunately, the game doesn't recognize taking none as an option, so I had to compromise.

We always believed in Yerestia!

Time to wrap things up.

Yerestia has passed the tests, and now returns to the land of the people you once called "Horse-Spawn and now trying hard to remember as "Grazers". There she plans to tell the Luminous Stallion King that she has passed the earth tests. What does she say to him?

"I am now the Queen of Dragon Pass."

"I have passed the tests you set for me, and more."

"I have passed the tests you set for me."

"I have tamed the dragon, won the favor of the Brass Man, and was reborn with in the earth."

"You are mine, Horse-Man, and soon I will ride with you."

I will be ready when the wedding day arrives.

A queen must be generous in her words, as she is generous with her cows and goods.

Yerestia has been granted sovereignty by Kero Fin; he cannot reject us now.

Never trust a half-burned stead, or a horse with a broken leg.

Submit humbly to this man, who will rule you, as husbands should.