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Part 144: 1340: Who speaks for the Kuchulainn?

Psykmoe posted:

Which are some good blessings that pay for themselves if you have a temple? My first couple of games I just built too many temples and went broke on upkeep costs. Earlier I saw mention that Vigor is good. Bless Crops? What about Plowsong, someone said it's lame? Earthblood if I have lots of enemies raiding me. Which of the trading blessings are good to have a temple for? Extra food or market?

Earthblood gets huge piles of food as long as we see war. You can conjure your own war with Summons of Evil cast during the largely useless dark season, when you can't leave the tula and your farmers are sitting around with a thumb up their butt--also, summons of evil actually GETS you magic, although you'll probably spend it in the fight.

As for other miracles, the question is what do they do. Plowsong means you need fewer oxen than normal to plow your fields--so it is only useful if you don't have enough oxen to plow your fields. Do you have enough oxen to plow your fields? You DO, because you haven't been raided/traded down to 300 cows? Then don't cast plowsong, it's not doing anything. Vigor is good for me because I have way more land than I can work normally, it's not good for a starting player because they probably don't--and so forth. And neither play for itself because they increase food output, while temples require cows, goods, and sheep.

Market is pretty much unconditionally great.

I would suggest staying away from level two temples entirely--I have only two in the LP, one to Orlanth that I started with and one to Issaries so I could have Silvertounge and Market up at the same time. The cost per blessing spikes as you demand multiple blessings of the same god--in general, the only gods I consider worthy of level 2 temples are Issaries and Vinga, and even then only just. Oh, and your main god, because your tribe gets pissy if your patron doesn't have the largest temple on the tula.

In any case...

We got, from five other clans, in total... fifty five cows.

None of these jerks know the meaning of generosity!