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Part 135: 1340: Bayberry Tribal Negotiations

Bayberry it is. We'll be meeting with them at the end of the month, so let's make it a productive month.

Another advantage of tribes: People in your tribe give you the heads up if someone comes to raid you, but travels through their land. If we get a good circle of allied clans, we will be almost impossible to surprise with raids, which is good, because one of the game's more annoying mechanics is the way your weaponthanes stop patroling.

The deathless noble is chased off the field, but we carry the day regardless.

So, there was some concern about what of the tribe-making miracles we had up and running, so let's look at the three named.

We've had Literacy up since the beginning of the game--it's just too good a miracle to turn off. No worries there!

We don't have Oath, or any Humakt rituals at all. He is a distant mystery to us.

We DO have the Silvertongue miracle! We got it back when I was looking for the market blessing.

So I've upgraded Issaries temple. The new temple will be able to maintain both Market and Silvertongue. I could have turned off market and started supporting Silvertongue without using my turn, but I like the market ritual too much to disable it for convenience sake.

The Bayberry clan, known for its rich crop yields, entertains your proposal for a new tribe. They want each clan of the new tribe to give them fertility magic every year. They want a treasure. The Bayberries also want an agreement that no clan of the tribe will trade for grain with outside clans as long as the Bayberries have surplus grain to trade.

Abandon negotiations.

Agree to give them fertility magic.

Agree to trade restrictions.

Demand favorable trade terms for other clans in tribe seeking Bayberry grain.

Promise them a treasure.

Give gifts.

Give them what they want, give them a treasure... just don't give them a war treasure.

Remember, if we give them a treasure, they get to keep it, even if no tribe is formed.

A token amount of our fertility will strengthen their magic greatly, without costing us dearly.

Ask them to trade 26 bushels of grain for 10 cows.

They ask for many things. See to it that they give us plenty of grain for our cows, from now on.

They are rich. It is worth it to give them a treasure, for we might learn their secrets of fertility.

The ancestors of the Bayberries were present when Barntar first learned the secret of harnessing oxen to plow.