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Part 156: Humakt the Champion: Part III

It is entirely possible to simply not get Death from Eurmal, which is... well, it's an event, certainly. Someday we'll see what happens when you get the story in a heroquest wrong. But for now, we're good.

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Umathkar goes to her family and says, "In order to properly command the new weapon called Death, I must sever my ties to you." Her family wails and asks why this must be.

"Death must be impartial; I must not have kin, lest I shield them from its embrace."

"Humakt did this, so I must do the same."

"I must absolve my king of the heinous acts I will now do."

"I must cut myself off from kindliness and love, for I have terrible deeds to perform."

Leave the realm of the gods.

Proceed to the next station of the quest.

The legends may be of some small help.