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Part 481: 1370: Meeting the Telmori

One side down. I suspect Hauberk Jon wasn't exactly thrilled with fighting an enemy so strong it took two tribes to oppose.

Umathkar, again.

I decided it would be best to visit the Telmori with the same number of soldiers as when I went to visit a human warlord.

Hauberk Jon tells you where he thinks the main Telmori encampment is. Umathkar and 28 warriors travel there. There they find the traces of an encampment. They follow a drail to the current encampment, and enter it. There they find angry Telmori, interrupted in the midst of a funeral ceremony.

Give them gifts.

Grovel like a junior wolf acknowledging the supremacy of the pack leader.

Growl like a wofl challenging the pack leader.

Run away.

Speak calmly and reasonably.

I should speak calmly and reasonably. It worked when we made a deal with the other Telmori.