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Part 480: 1370: Meeting Hauberk Jon

I have selected Umathkar, who is rapidly becoming omni-competent, to lead the expedition to Hauberk Jon and make the case for peace.

She easily makes it to his camp.

Umathkar makes it to Hauberk Jon's encampment, and then must decide how to convince thim that you can make peace with the Telmori, and that he should then agree to help you build a city.

"By definition, one can make peace only with one's enemy."

"Our queen has a magical destiny."

"We made peace between warring tribes; we can make peace with the Telmori."

"We might fail, but you risk nothing to let us try."

"We will attack you if you do not let us make peace."

We have proven our ability to broker peace already, not only with the other tribes but with the Telmori near us. We will be able to do it again.

She apparently likes answers three and four.