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Part 479: 1370: Let's Try Making Peace Again

We've got new allies now!

A batch of reformed crooks, which means we get to have our silverware stolen, or we get to listen to them prattle on and on and on about what a big difference Chalana Arroy made in their lives.

Lacking anything better to do, I've decided to spend some time sending gifts to all of our new tribal allies. It'll take a while, but we have time in surplus.

Word reaches you that the Balmy and Aranwyth tribes are fighting a war with the Telmori, the strange and savage folk who are part man, part wolf. Orlanthi losses have been heavy, because the Telmori know the land well, and have magics unfamiliar to the Orlanthi god-talkers. Although once hostile to one another, the tribes have united behind a war leader called Hauberk Jon. Under his leadership, the Orlanthi have rallied somewhat, but their cause still seems desperate.

Attack the Aranwyth now that they are weak.

Attack the Balmyr now that they are weak.

Convince your town-making allies to help you fight the Telmori.

Do nothing.

Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori if he agrees to build a town.

Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori on his behalf.

The true leader does not do what is expedient; he does what others think is impossible.

Our own herds are dwindling, and kings cannot hold power without many cattle. If an enemy is weak, that is all the more reason to raid them.

How can we even think about waging dishonorable war during the earth season? Find a different way.

It will be very hard to make peace with the Telmori. They are foreigners.

The Telmori once worshipped the chaos god Gbaji, and now wander the earth without peace.