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Part 478: 1370: New Applicants for the Clan

It seems the talking god favors our efforts!

All that land we've conquered was mostly wilderness, so I cut the 300+ forest land into more useful alternatives.

Then trolls attacked.

Maybe I shouldn't have cast summons of evil those times, I think I broke the peace treaty I made with the Crag Spider.

Bah, the game will end before it comes back to bite me in the ass in a big way.

The annual heroquest was sending Umathkar to do Issaries the Conciliator, to boost up her stats to higher levels. Having a truly great queen is almost a prerequisite to winning the game.

As always, the quest ends with buying a tigers eye necklace from the long tooths. I think I have three of them now!

She's doing pretty good.

Aww, the clan's unhappy we're not exploring. Boo frickin' hoo, I've given up on exploration and am just trying to win at this point.

With a bland and uninteresting prophecy, the new year begins. Garstal is now 81.

This is a little behind the scenes hand waving--because Umathkar is queen, we need a female rival in one of the other clans. Arene will be coming back, have no fear.

Anyway, I skipped the sea season entirely...

...and started the fire season by kicking the Black Rocks up and down the street.

Dastandros, a Varmandi noble, appears before ou with others of his clan. Speaking for the Varmandi clan ring, Dastandros asks your support in their bid to join your tribe. He bears gifts for you. "Our clan has admired your tribe for some time, since we see that your clans are doing well. We would like to join your tribe and share in your good fortunes." Dastandros continues, "For our part, we bring more than a normal share of weaponthanes to defend the tribe. And our fighters are well-known for their fierceness in battle."

Decline their request.

"It is traditional to offer a treasure to a potential sponsor."

Require them to give 5 cows per year to each clan in the tribe.

Require them to give magical support to the tribal ceremonies every year.

Offer to speak for them at the moot.

Our magic is stronb, but additional support for tribal rituals is always welcome.

The varmandi must agree to contribute something to the tribe themselves. Otherwise, the other clans will resent them.

Do they know healing magics?

Oh boy! More people to annoy!

Hopefully this time the event won't crash away.