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Part 477: A Spelling Bee Update

steiv18 posted:

A couple pages late, but this was pretty damn funny. The ring advice is spot-on.

I like it too. Maybe some of the rest of you have ideas for events, hmm? Maybe non comical ones, just things you'd like to see in game? Maybe something involving your favorite ducks, or a dwarven war machine?

Dig in, guys!

LethalGeek posted:

Goons can rule Dragon Pass with a iron fist but crossing rivers on the way to Oregon just throws us for a loop

Big secret here: King of Dragon Pass is a much better game than Oregon Trail.

I mean, you play Oregon Trail right, you get to go to Oregon? Weak. That was compelling when we were back in the first grade, sure, but now sinking wagons full of clocks is the only thing that's actually fun.

Dragon Pass is full of interesting, well portrayed characters who can do things other than die of dyptheria. Of course we're actually trying to make them survive.


Araganzar posted:

I am blown away.

Although apparently this might help.