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Part 218: 1347: Orngerin the Ornery

This seems like a good excuse to become better friends with the bayberries.

Korstardos goes to bother the Blue Jays with a king's ransom of assorted geegaws.

They aren't super impressed.

Orngerin, the irritating one, is again causing trouble for the ring. Once again, she seems to do nothing but agitate against your decisions. She hs convinced the carls that you favor the weaponthanes, and the weaponthanes that you favor the carls. She says that you have dishonored your ancestors, that your rulings are unjust, and that your management of the clan's wealth leaves much to be desired.

Ignore the situation.

Offer her compensation in exchange for her silence.

Outlaw her.

Persuade her that her words harm the unity of the clan.

Threaten her with outlawry.

Try to marry her off to another clan.

Everyone says that the weaponthanes love her, but I can think of no particular weaponthanes who do.

She says the carls love her, but secretly they wish she would shut her mouth.

I know! Let's let her sit on the ring with us!

Four more days to make CD covers.