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Part 219: 1347: Ducks Apply For Clan Membership

Things have been a little weird here, but I should be able to hit my customary stride for the next week or so.

Anyway, the fire season has come to Dragon Pass, and that means raids. We haven't raided the Zenthorings in a while--I wonder how they're doing?

Terribly, apparently. Someone came in and sent over five dozen of them to their house of healing!

Then we were visited by the world's smuggest duck.

Ducks come to the clan hall and urge you to support them in their bid to gain membership in your tribe. "We Cabbage Ducks know all sorts of things about Dragon Pass; we've been here while you were gone. We are brave fighters of the undead, and know correct versions of the myths which you people seem to have all wrong. In short, your clan is incomplete until it includes our clan."

Decline their request.

Decline their request; tell this funny story at the moot.

Offer to speak for them at the moot.

"It is traditional to offer a treasure to a possible sponsor."

"It is traditional to offer gifts to a possible sponsor."

The ducks can be ferocious fighters, especially against the undead. There are many holy warriors of Humakt among them.

A tribe with ducks in it is unheard-of. It will be extremely dificult to convince the other clans to adopt them.

This is so unusual, maybe it has something to do with that feathery queen prophecy we were give. We should try to get them in.

What use could these scrawny creatures be against the Elves?

Oh, the moot will rock with laughter to hear of this flat-footed proposal!