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Part 217: 1347: Humakti Mercenaries Sought

Magic left unspent is magic wasted, says I! Besides, all that magic we're pumping into our various scales is really helping.

I mean, look at what heroism is doing for us! And we'll get more and the end of Earth when Umathkar heroquests again.

First order of business: Send Ortossi out to explore Kero Fin. You may notice that Korlaman isn't back yet. This is probably because he's dead.

Endal, a thane of the greenwing clan, comes before you seeking to hire your Humakti warriors as mercenaries. "You have a temple to the Death God, and many vaunted warriors who venerate him with their swords. We wish to employ them, directing their holy wrath at the elders of the Bayberry clan. They have raided us every fire season for the past three years, and we wish to show them that we can no longer be trifled with. We will give you five cows for every member of the Bayberry outer ring your Humakti warriors wound or slay."

Agree to their terms.

Ask for more.

Do ask they ask, seeking nothing in return.

Refuse them and warn the Bayberries.

Refuse them.

The Bayberry clan are stronger than we are. We should not attack now, but rather build up our strength, to be worthy of our affiliation with Humakt.

The Bayberries are notoriously litigious, but even they would not try to make a legal claim against us for what our men did while under the employ of another clan.

As Ernalda said when Uralda led the four-legged people into the steads of the two-legged people, "Cows will never be unwelcome here."

Let me bargain with them. I think I can get them to raise the price.

Why couldn't they ask during the Fire season? Or the Storm season? Why must they interfere with our planting?