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Part 296: Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth: Part IV

thsgrn posted:

Does the Storm Bull -ever- need help fighting Chaos? Her certainly doesn't now. He fights alone!

Generally it's not a bad idea if you're using dudes dressed up like storm bull instead of the O G, or Original God.

Issaries leads Orlaront and Storm Bull to a far distant place, across the ocean and far to the south. Fortunately, he knows a short cut, and they are able to get there without any need for a boat.

When they arrive, their way is blocked by guardians who insist that Orlaront must undergo a Meeting Test with them. "I name one skill, and we compete against each other in that skill. Then you name a skill, and we compete with each other in that skill."

Fight them.

Leave the realm of the gods.

Run around them.

Try to win both contests.

Try to lose both contests.

Try to win one contest and lose the other.

The legends may be of some small help.