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by Mystic Mongol

Part 214: 1346: Transition of Power

Right! For Urox, I shall grapple with this walktopus and teach it the terror of my fingertips! Prepare yourself, beast of chaos!

Pack it in, boys, we've done all we can.

Sometimes that guy gets on my nerves.

Anyway! Here are some facts for you to look at.

If you order the nobles by their rank in the various skills, you find out some depressing information. Korstardos the Cunning knows more about Animals, Bargaining, Magic, and Plants, while Umathkar is a better fighter and a better leader. They're both better historians--and Korstardos is also a better leader.

Ortossi has had one hell of a run, no one's arguing this--and if he steps down as chief, that just means we have an amazing badass lurking about the tula to lead our expeditions to faraway places, instead of sending useless fuckwits who run away crying when bandits show up.

Is it time for Ortossi to step down as chief?