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Part 333: Elmal Guards the Stead: Finale

Terasarin knows that the Teller of Lies will return again, and so makes preparations. Indeed, someone does come the next day, in the form of the Emperor. What does Terasarin do?

Give it a treasure.

Leave the realm of the gods.

Offer it your soul in the form of a fine stallion.

Promise to serve Chaos.

Promise to serve the Emperor.

The legends may be of some help.
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How did the Teller of Lies think this would go? After showing up as his ex-girlfriend, and then as Barkman, and revealing himself to be the Teller of Lies both times, did he think the Emperor would show up and Elmal would just say, "Hey, Boss, nice to see you after all these years. You better watch out, there's some shapeshifting lunatic offering me everything I want hiding in the woods," or did he not think that far ahead?