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Part 332: Elmal Guards the Stead: Part XI

The next day, Elmal is approached by a blind oracle known to the Storm Tribe. "Terasarin, Terasarin," he wails, "your master, Orlanth, is as good as slain, defeated in the land of the dead." He shows Terasarin an image of his king, trapped in a pit and unable to escape. "You must take Orlanth's place as King of the Storm Tribe, for Orlanth's day is done. Without a king, your beloved tribe will wither and die." Some members of the Storm Tribe flock to Terasarin's side, offering him a crown.

Leave the realm of the gods.

"I can be a king, but that does not mean Orlanth is dead."

"I would not be loyal to Orlanth if I believed him so easily defeated."

"If some of you wish to call me a king, I will lead you."

"This oracle is false."

The legends may be of some help.
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