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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 359: 1357: Praxian Mercenaries

Lesarli, a trader of your clan, reports back on the recent exploratory mission to the wastelands of Prax. There the party met a group of nomads who rode fabulous birds, and claimed to be doughty warriors. They offered to help us raid another clan in Dragon Pass, in exchange for twenty cows worth of silver, and a quarter of the spoils.

Accept their offer; delay the raid until later.

Accept their offer; stage an immediate raid.

Forget their offer.

Send a party to raid them.

Send them gifts.

We should raid the Blackrocks; they are already our enemies.

Let's raid the Rangdani clan.

We should not raid the nomads, for they have little in the way of treasure. They do not keep cows, but rather herd their gigantic birds.

The nomads are elf-friends, and we should punish them for it.

Take them up on their offer after the grain is cut and the harvest is counted.

Prax is populated by warring nomad tribes, each of which rides a different kind of animal.