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Part 451: 1366: Foreign Defilment

The spirit talkers may be confused, but we got an astounding FIVE magic for our sacrifice! I want to build a shrine to this guy.

Then we're immediately given a chance to use it. After our recent military snafus, I order the Raven Banner deployed.

One brave hero falls to save everyone else. Good show!

You hear that, Tree Brothers? The Black Rocks are acting up! So if we don't attack you next year, it's not because we're scared. No, it's because we're too busy to deal with weaklings like you!

Please find something else to do next fire season.

In a desperate attempt to tip the balance between useless children and awesome adults, I put out a help wanted add for wanderers and foreigners to join our clan.

Then, we perform the annual quest. Umathkar successfully saves the rain god, and we are rewarded with another Klanth of Orlanth. It's been too long since our charges carried the strength of the wind god, but maybe this will tip the balance in our favor in the future.

Aww, man. Hardly worth the effort--but on the other, hand, I'm not doing much else useful at the moment. I may recruit a bunch more random vagabonds to join us.

Our other reusable magical treasure is deployed...

...and victory is again ours. Good show! Maybe our dry spell is over.

Not many crops, but big piles of cows? Sounds fine to me, we can always use more cows.

I'm not even sure we have a worshiper of Issaries available to us. I'll have to check the noble registry the next chance I get.

Foreigners are found in one of the holy sheds where women's magic is practiced. This is double sacrilege. Not only are these people so strange to you that you don't even know where they're from, but there are men among them! No men are ever permitted to step inside one of these sheds. Thepriestesses must conduct a ritual of purification, but even so, your clan fertility may be seriously disrupted.

Drive them off.

Force them into thralldom.

Kill the men; enslave the women.

Kill them.

Ask them who they are, then kill them.

Conduct a ritual to ask Ernalda for guidance.

These people are powerless and far from home. It is unlikely we will start a feud by treating them as we must.

They could have made our women barren for two years or more; luckily, we avoided that fate this time.

This is a crime so grave it's hard to think of a punishment for it. Though I must add we have always opposed the taking of thralls.

I would feel better if I knew what Ernalda thinks of this.

We may suffer greatly, no matter how we punish them.

This is a crime so grave that no Orlanthi would even think of committing it.

Not even Eurmal would dream of committing such an offense.