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by Mystic Mongol

Part 450: 1365: Barkman Forever

In order to convince her she is wrong, I had to send one of our greatest minds to the Anmangarni!

Surely our oldest historian would show her the error of her duck-fearing ways.

Oh, right, we replaced him because the new guy was better. Welp!

The number of weaponthanes we have dropped below 20 during all of our disastrous raids, so I've ordered more recruited.

Then we got a visit from our favorite superhero!

While exploring in the east, members of your clan encounter a drooling, wild-eyed hermit, dressed in a suit of bark. He froths at the mouth, dances a little jig, and then says, "Ah! You are from the Kuchulainn clan. The spirits have whispered things about you. You are headed for doom -- doom, I say! One of your steads will be haunted by a restless spirit! This will be but the first of many catastrophes to befall you! The only way to stop this is to sacrifice a thrall to Kolat, the spirit-herding god. If you do not have a thrall, you must sacrifice a treasure. If you do not have a treasure, you must sacrifice ten cows. If you do not have ten cows, you must sacrifice five horses."

Do nothing.

Sacrifice ten cows to Kolat.

Sacrifice five horses to Kolat.

Sacrifice a treasure to Kolat.

We can afford to sacrifice five horses.

This is just a frothing madman, not a seer of any kind.

We have many treasures. We can give one to Kolat, in exchange for good fortune.

Kolat is Orlanth's brother, the God of Winds, and the Master of Spirits. He is not a god we normally worship.

We must do anything possible to avert this doom!