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Part 292: 1353: Preparing for Questing

Galaga Galaxian posted:

Hmmm hard to say, Umathkar is... Umathkar. She might've just been too angry at the annoyance to give it fair thought.

Also, her skills at things that don't involve giving orders or murder are average at best.


Presumably the one tribe likes us more, and the other likes us less--and SOMEONE would be angry at us regardless of our choice. Which means, no matter what, from now on we'll be getting random events that result in one clan not liking us.

Broo-hockey. Time to fix that!

Later we can expand our temple to Lhankor Mhy, but for now I've changed the blessing from literacy (we've had it up from the beginning of the game, and it boosts inter-clan relations) to Lawspeaker, which keeps our tribal brethren from getting angry at us just because they lost a legal case. This is a pretty great spell.

I've decided to do Lhankor Mhy, which means it's time to select our heroquester.

Arnbord has an almost supernatural understanding of the history, customs, and ways of our people.

Orlaront, on the other hand, has a much more balanced skill set, and is no slouch at the customs of the Orlanthi.

Also, we need to determine what the purpose of this heroquest is. What knowledge do we attempt to wrench from the mind of Lhankor Mhy?

Also, I had to actually start the heroquest, so I figured, why not see what happens if we bork things up?

It's bad.