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by Mystic Mongol

Part 461: 1367: Peace Brokers

Clan of vipers? It was two people, doin' it.

We didn't take a hit to the old clan magic, so I think justice was done here.

Then while everyone was distracted, the trolls arrived. I have over twenty men on permanent patrol, and they still slipped past our guards. Argh!

The Raven Banner gave us the win, but I resent having to use it.

Unrest between the tribes has been growing for some time. Border disputes have erupted into fighting. Cattle raids have turned into full-pitched battles. Now it seems that war has broken out. Vininna, a trader of your clan, reports that she was trapped in the middle of a battle between the Balmyr and Colymar tribes. The Balmyr ambushed the Colymar forces as part of an ongoing dispute over control of trade. Brandig, king of the Balmyr, plans to cripple the Colymar by intimidating traders who deal with his rivals. Brandgor, king of the Colymar, promises to annihilate Brandig and his tribe. The result of this is that everyone who profits from trade is harmed -- Vininna's loss of your clan's goods is a prime example.

Demand compensation from Brandgor, king of the Colymar.

Demand compensation from Brandig, king of the Balmyr.

Do nothing.

Offer to broker peace between the warring tribes.

Sacrifice to Issaries to protect trade.

Warring tribes are like warring clans, only larger and more troublesome to more people.

Something tells me that this is more than just a petty trade fight. If we can end this war, we will be renowned throughout history.

Each king is equally at fault, andyou can bet that neither will admit it.

To make war is the right of kings.

Oddly enough, I have not heard that the Horse Spawn are taking advantage of these uphevals. Maybe their new leader has a hand in that.

We have lost thirty cows worth of goods.

Will this affect our beer supply?

The Colymar tribe consists of the Greenwing, Hiord, Red Fox, Vanstatch, and Tree Brother clans.

The Balmyr tribe consists of the Anzarni, Arnoring, Blue Spruce, Fire Quartz, and Jenestni clans.