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Part 233: 1348: The Return of Thadart

I hope that's that vampire dealt with.

The huge chain of events keeps coming.

A man who looks like a Tusk Rider comes to your tula, as if expecting a welcome. The man claims to be Thadart, the explorer of your clan, who was taken by Tusk Riders and presumed dead. He says that he was tortured by Tusk Riders, and left to die of exposure on an alter to their terrible god. But hte god spared his life, changing his face so that he looked like a Tusk Rider. "Their god meant it as a grim joke, but you are my clan-mates, and I know that you will accept me, even though I am disfigured."

Allow him to return.

Attack him.

Convince the people that he should be allowed to return.

Send him away.

"You may return, but we will be watching you."

The people are worried that it is not Thadart, but some kind of monster. We must send him away or allay their fears.

If he is Thadart, we are still permitted to outlaw him. We would not be the first clan to outlaw a person without just cause.

I am certain that this is Thadart, and he remains a good Orlanthi. He will not harm us.

A Chaos creature slew King Heort's holder of regalia and thus gained entry to Heort's encampment, almost killing our great lord.

"Laugh when your friends laugh, but return a liar's words with lies of your own."

He's here to kill us all! We have to kill him first!