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Part 95: 1337: Jenestni Peace Summit

The dwarfs seem happy enough, although their form of speaking is odd.

Our cattle raid against the Jenestni goes well enough, although I'm not sure I'd agree that it was extraordinarily successful.

Start of the fire season, I launch my first raid against our hated foes, the Jenestni! Their careful planning will not save them from our warlike ways.

That is some radical goddamn success for a raid that used no magic. They're on the ropes, and are down ten weaponthanes--it's time to raid the crap out of these guys.

A member of the Jenestni ring named Rana Four Winds and three resigned weaponthanes approach the clan ring with an offer of one-time tribute. "We are tired of war," says Rana. "We will give you 26 cows as tribute, all we can afford, if you will stop from raiding us. We will also swear to the gods that we will not raid you."

Demand more tribute than they have offered.

Demand annual tribute.

Take the tribute...then raid them!

"We will raid you whenever we feel like it."

Accept the tribute and vow to leave them alone for a while.

Let's teach them how dangerous it is to feud with the Kuchulainn.

In matters of power, it is best to be direct.

We can get more healthy cows from annual tribute than from trade.

We shouldn't just think of today. What can we get from them next year?

Our farmers could use a short break from the campaigning.

Well, you already know what I think!