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Part 96: 1337: Woodland Ambush

I guess I lot a little greedy? It wasn't very far up the gauge!

I'm sure they'll come around after we raid them a few more times.

One of your carls, Grivton, was injured while helping clear a forested patch of the tula. Neither he nor his companion saw the assailant; although they were sober and alert. The arrow is simpler than the ones used by your people. It's crafted from a single piece of wood, and is unusually sharp. Apart from tending Grivton's wounds, what do you do?

Perform a curse-lifting ritual on Grivton.

Perform a ritual of divination to determine the assailant.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from the unseen foes.

Send out a war party to search for the assailant.

Step up patrols.

I can't give good advice without knowing more about our foe.

It's hard to make peace with an enemy who shoots before he talks.

The arrow is of elven manufacture. We're dealing with the plant people, the Aldryami.

I'll go along wi--

I've been telling you fools for years! They've been talking to the barley!

Alright, old man, it's time for some warm milk and some sleep.

They're here to burn our barley! We must burn it first!

Mmm! So delicious! And nephew Garstal has put some of his secret herbs in it. C'mon, open wide...